Friday, May 2, 2008

Water bottle

In one word. Water bottle! I just want my own damn water bottle. One that isn't shared with three to four other pairs of slobbery lips, left over food clinging to tiny faces that inevitably finds it's way into the water I was about to enjoy.

Well, it's not really about a water bottle, it is about the ten million other things I no longer get to enjoy or covet as my own. These people, if you want to refer to them so kindly, have taken over not only my life but everything physically in it. I find myself hiding things that they might be interested in, just in case Yes this includes my ever precious water bottle.

Alas, here I sit trying to ramble out a hand full of words, my words, with a small moaning, whining child atop my knee. Her sticky, hands flailing around wildly, ramming the keyboard. I move my head to the side in order to at least glimpse what I am stammering out. I'm tired.

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