Wednesday, May 7, 2008

They Said it Would Get Easier With Time...

When my kids were young, and I was in a state of perpetual half-sleep, which, by the way, the government should attempt to legalize instead of marijuana--the effects are nearly the same, without the munchies, and, well, perhaps without the high, just a lot of walking around in a semi-conscious state with enormous paranoia--anywho, I digress. When my kids were young, they, you know, THEY, told me that it would get easier when they got older.

THEY lied.

Every day that they grow, every year that passes and they appear more independent--no more diapers, no more bottles, no more spoon-feeding--they, in fact, become more needy and more demanding.  

I love them. I do. I love my kids. I think they'll be wonderful people someday. But who the hell do I have to bribe or sleep with to get someday to be today!

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