Thursday, May 8, 2008

Leave my shit alone!

I spent most of my childhood going through all of my mother's possessions. I am pretty sure there was nothing that I didn't find (truly, she wasn't that interesting, or I was waaay dumber than I thought). I truly at that point had no idea of the pain and suffering I probably caused her.
Now, with three kids under nine, nothing of mine is my own. NOTHING. I can't put a tampon in without someone crashing through the door and standing there wide-eyed and giving a running commentary/questioning of EXACTLY what I am doing and why I am doing it. My perfume, my jewelery (which is costume, but is all I have thank you very much), my bubble bath, my comb, my scarves, my apricot scrub with MICROBEADS. Jesus. I just want a little freakin privacy. For mother's day this year I want to be able to go put on a pair of shoes from my closet and not have had them disappear into the tickle trunk or find that my Lush massage bar has been whittled into some sort of statue.
When I was young and I went through all my mom's stuff, I wondered why I did it. I assumed I was bored, that I needed to know everything that was going on in my house.. but a few year's ago I heard a theory that stealing from a parent or siblings room is an attempt to get closer to them.

That's just great, not only are they taking and wrecking my shit, but it is all my fault to begin with.

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