Saturday, May 10, 2008

Holy Smoke! Whadda We Got Here!!

Man, or woman, alive. We've gotten some extraordinary feedback! We started this blog because we wanted to start a discussion with women and mothers. We wanted to challenge the status quo. Are we all meant to be mothers? Should we all be mothers? Even when we become mothers, choose to be mothers, long to be mothers, is it the perfect fantasy that we're told it should be?

What happens when we have our children and discover that it's not what we thought or hoped? What happens when it doesn't complete us?

For some women--and we really do appreciate and acknowledge these women--being a mother is the best and most wonderful part of their lives. For us, all THREE of us, it's different.

We love our kids. We really, desperately love them. We've all been through different kinds of Hell with our choices and our lives: one of us has had to deal with the threat of a terminal illness when our children were babies, one of us has had 2 families, spanning 20 years (and many of those years were broke-poor-feed-my-kids-pancakes-every-night years), and the other escaped from a shitty life at 17 by running away, getting married, and finding herself through other people.

Our lives as mothers and people are real, and stinky, and muddy. We are real women, with real, honest emotions about motherhood and womenhood! We have breasts, we talk like truckers, and we love our kids.

Take us, or leave us. You don't have to like us. We're not looking for, or hoping for that. If you think we need medical help, or we struck a nerve with you that you didn't know you'd felt, we're glad. It's your opinion, and that's what this space is about.

This space isn't about finding childcare or sharing friends, it's about the bone-chilling understanding that we, though we're mothers, are people, and we fuck up. We want to share that and talk about it.

If you have an opinion, share it with us on this blog. We all have a voice and we want to hear yours. This is an anonymous space where you can come and say the things you don't feel safe to say with your sister, your neighbor, or your mother-in-law. But this space is not about personal attacks. Tell us what you think and feel about yourself and how you feel about being a mother. Other than that, please keep your vitriol to yourself.

Forget the shit that money makes the world go round. Baby, it's mothers that do.

Share with us. Whether we make you mad, or elevate you. As my great 'ol granddad used to say, "It takes peas and carrots to make a stew! So it takes all kinds of people to make the world!"

We hope we'll hear from you soon.

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