Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh. This is Fun.

I don't think I can adequately express, in a post you'd be remotely interested in reading, how awesome it is to have friends.

Real, close, lovely friends, who understand you, support you, laugh at you, and touch you (well, not touch me, but move me. Well, not really move me. I'm slightly too big, and they're slightly too little. I could hurt one of them.....oh, you know what I mean.)

I feel like one of those rare women you hear about who actually has a deeply meaningful relationship with other women. 

For that, I am blessed (well, not really blessed, I haven't been to church since.....oh, forget it.)

Suffice to say, I love my friends. I love that we agree. I love that we disagree. It's a damn good feeling.


Adaptation said...

It's pretty damn good, and rare to feel like that!! It is great to be challenged and to challenge, and not come away feeling like you were just knocked out (or up for that matter, haha).

Hang on to your friends!!

The Motherhood Byters said...

If you make one more comment about your weight I am going to kick your hot voluptuous ass.

edies' world said...

Friends are what makes me remain sane and love life... the rare ones are what makes me complete... I am truly blessed as well and am not sure where I would be without them...