Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Beautifuls

I'm worn to a frazzle. Perhaps it's my own fault (well, no perhaps about it. Blame can be placed squarely in my corner, for first, having 5 kids--the last two when I was over 34, and second, for working full time--out of the home).

No matter how much I want to look polished and glamorous, walking briskly in to work in my red patent leather heels, swinging my perfectly worn brief case, I end up looking like a haggard, harried shell of a woman with a fragile hold on reality. 

But I do have beauty in my life. And some days, for that, at least, I'm grateful. 

My beautifuls.

My babies.

Of course, I'm not home from work yet. They're always more gorgeous from afar!

1 comment:

edies' world said...

Your beautfuls are just that BEAUTIFUL!! I love that picture. You have a lovely family and are a super Mom!!