Friday, June 20, 2008

I just want to change your freakin' diaper!!

Jesus Murphy, you'd think after literally 10,000 diaper changes over the course of 20 months, the kid would bloody well put two and two together. You come when you're called, lay down, lay still and just get the damn diaper change over with. But noooo. The little shit, full of shit, likes to take off running as soon as she gets a whiff that I am aiming to change her stinky ass. Who wants to sit in that stench anyway? Gross.

Then when I get her down on the floor, it's like trying to hold Linda Blair in place. Head thrashing, teeth bared, Jesus, her head practically spins completely around. For once I would like to get through a diaper change without sweating like a big fat man, wrestling a hog. It's like a WWE match, and I'm usually the big loser.

I guess it beats cleaning shit up off the floor, hey, there's always an up side. What would be even better, is if she'd just get potty trained already, yeah right!!

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