Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just Eat and Jiggle

God, my body is so not like it used to be... before I had kids. And to think I used to bitch and complain about a dimple here and ripple there. What I would give now to have a third of the muscle tone, and the semi-smooth skin that once covered my ever growing thighs.

I used to turn around and around in the mirror just to find imperfections. Now all I have to do is quickly swing my head to look, and gravity takes over. I am suddenly able to see my back-half without even turning around.
I truly had no idea skin could hold so much loose matter together, without it dropping completely to my ankles. The little bit of muscle tone I once had is a distant memory, and believe me I never had that much. Now I can hold up the loose skin that holds my chub together and it kinda looks smooth and somewhat taut....well it's just an illusion, but whatever it takes to get me through the day.

The other morning, I got out of the shower and just for fun I thought I would see how all of my hard work is paying off, bad idea. Don't try this at home, anyone, ever. I stood there, full length image of my own naked body staring back at me, stood, feet planted, and jiggled, and jiggled...and jiggled. Holy shit, nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. It is kind of like taking a mirror and looking at your freshly, just gave birth vagina, terrifying to say the least.
What do I have to do to get this stuff to firm up, or at least slow down in fleshy-jello department?

So I've decided the only thing left for me to do is , accept this, yes accept it. In the meantime I am going to keep on eating, enjoying wine...and above all keep jiggling!!

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The Dani Lama said...

Hey, why does everyone love Jell-O. Well? Because it jiggles! So why doesn't it follow that everyone will love your (that's the royal your by the way--I have plenty of jiggle myself!) jiggle?

Life's just not fair!