Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Takin' It Easy

Today I just want to sit and be.  I don't want to run through the day, lists abound, rushing to get everything done.  I want to enjoy the smallest one.  Watch her laugh and be silly, sit with her endlessly, not worrying about the beds, laundry or dishes.  

Today I want her to feel I am here, present, available.  I don't want to quiet her, hold her off, make her wait.  I want to be her best mommy today, her playmate, her friend.  So I pack our ragged backpack, with our towels, our sunscreen, our snacks.  And love the day with her in it.

1 comment:

edies' world said...

So sweet,, very nice post. Love the picture... wish i felt the same today. Today I want to hear no little voices.. ugh..